April Goals

APRIL goals (1)
APRIL goals (1)

Time is moving so fast I can’t believe it is already April but I can’t complain because I am really enjoying the spring weather. It has been a  while since I did one of these post, so I thought I would do one for this month. Here are my April Goals.

Blog Goals

  1. Post more frequently - I feel like I am always making this a goal of mine. I really would love to post more, but I am always so busy. With school wrapping up hopefully this is a goal I can soon accomplish.
  2. Add more content to my new categories - Recently I added some new categories to my blog. I have not yet gotten the chance to fill these new categories with content. So, I am starting to work on that.
  3. Get back to being active on social media - I have to admit that I have not been giving my social media the attention it needs lately. I am gonna try to work on getting better at that.

Personal Goals

  1. Take time out for myself - Lately I have been so busy doing things for school, work, and blogging, that I just don’t really take any time out for myself. And because of this it is starting to affect my health. So I really need to start caring about myself and my well-being before anything else.
  2. Learn hand lettering and watercolor painting - I have always wanted to learn how to do these two things and now that school is about to end for the summer I will definitely try to master these skills.
  3. Time management - I feel like this is another goal that I am always making over and over again. I really need to get serious about my time management. It just not enough time in a day.