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Birthday Wishlist 2019

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New Year's Eve Outfit Inspiration

Time to gear up for 2019!! Can’t believe how fast this year went by! For those of you who are bring in the new year with a party or celebration here is a little outfit inspo!

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The Autumn Plaid Dress

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Fall Trends I'm Obsessed With

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Leopard Print

I am not big on animal print but I am liking how leopard print is being used this fall. I love the leopard print skirts, jackets, and sunglasses. They look so well, paired with your favorite boots and tee.


For me plaid is a year round trend. I love anything plaid. My favorite plaid pieces for the fall are plaid pants, and plaid blazers. They both look good with anything, there are so many ways you can style plaid.

Brown Is The New Black

Of coarse for fall brown is always popular but I am seeing a lot more brown than usual and I like it. Brown is currently the new black.

Fall Florals

When you think of floral you think of spring but not this fall. I am loving the floral dresses in particular.

Combat Boots

Combat boots are always my go to boots in trend or not. So the fact that I am see different types of combat boots in stores, I am in heaven.


Shearling jackets are super fashionable and will keep you hella warm. This is hands down my favorite type of jacket to be rockin this fall.

Coin Necklace



Making Better Clothing Purchases


I am guilty of buying clothes and letting them sit in my closet with the tag on them and so are a lot of people. I wanted to stop wasting money and make better clothing purchases that make more sense. At the beginning  of this year I made sure to be more aware of my purchases. When I go shopping this are some of the rules I try to follow. 

What do I need?

 When shopping I try to think about what I need rather than what I want. Do I need the same shirt in two different colors? No not really. Most likely if I get those two shirts I will still end up liking one color more than the other and only wear that one and the other will just sit in my closet. What you need v.s. what you want will be hard to overcome because everything is so freaking cute and you want it all in your closet but trust me going clothes shopping with a plan really helps. 

Your Style

Knowing your style can also help you save a lot of money when it comes to buying clothes. I don't know how many times I have brought something thinking that I would like it just to try something different and never wear it. If you know your style than stick with it, you know what looks good on you so don't waist your money trying out something else.  

Shop Around

If your looking for something specific like a wrap dress, try shopping around and look for the best deal. If you are gonna spend money than at least get the most bang for your buck. I mean who isn't down for a sale! 

Don't Shop Trends

With new trends popping up every 5 minutes it is hard not to get sucked up in buying each one. A good thing to remember is that trends will leave as fast as they came and when they do leave you'll be stuck with the clothes that are not longer relevant or on trend. Stick with buying pieces that are timeless it will be easier on your pockets.