5 apps to help you stay organized

5 Apps to help you stay organized
5 Apps to help you stay organized

My life is always hectic, between school, work, blogging and just finding time to just live it is hard for me to stay organized and keep up with everything. I use a couple of apps to help me stay organized and not be so stressed out.

  1. do – This is an amazing app. You are able to make different categories for your multiple tasks also you can set reminders so you don’t forget. I use this app to help keep up with blogging task, my favorite TV shows and everything in between.
  2. Google Keep- With this app you are also able to set reminders for your task but what I really like about this app is that you are able to add pictures to your reminders or notes, which comes in handy more than you think. Also you can color coordinate your reminders.
  3. Gallery Organizer by FOTO - This app allows you to organize your photos into custom categories. If you are like me with hundreds of pictures in my phone than this app is perfect for you also.
  4. Buffer – With blogging it is really hard to keep my social media sites updated, this app helps with that. You are able schedule post; see social media analytics and more. This is great for bloggers, businesses or anyone who is really busy.
  5. Student Agenda – If you’re a college student like me than you know how hard it is to keep up with homework assignments, group projects and more. Well this app makes it a little easier. You are able to put in homework reminders, your class schedule, upcoming test and more.

I hope that these apps help you in your organizing goals!