2016 Style Wishlist


Here are some of the thing I would love to get this year. They are officially on my 2016 Style Wishlist !!

  1. Sunglasses- These glasses can pretty much go with everything. 
  2. Skort- I love that skorts are making  a comeback!! 
  3. Sweater - A nice warm sweater is always nice. 
  4. Sunglasses - These glasses have a pink tone, so you know I wanted them!!
  5. Coat - I love this coat !!!
  6. Skirt - I don't know why but this skirt makes me think of the movie Clueless. 
  7. Bracelet - A simple gold bangle.
  8. Shoes- OMG, I love these shoes. Stylish Flats!!!
  9. Crossbody Bag - This bag is everything !