24 Lessons I've Learned at 24


Today I turn 24, even though I look like I am still 16 years old! Wanted to share some lessons I have learned over the years.

  1. Never Doubt Yourself

  2. What you can do is limitless

  3. Always be open to learning new things

  4. Don’t be in a rush to grow up

  5. Life is precious

  6. Everything happens for a reason

  7. Have Faith

  8. Things will workout for the better

  9. Everything is not for everybody

  10. Celebrate the small victories

  11. Time moves fast

  12. Dream Big

  13. Never let someone tell you what you can’t do

  14. Family will always be there when you fall

  15. Life is a one big journey

  16. Don’t care what others think, DO YOU!

  17. Have confidence in yourself

  18. Don’t compare yourself to others

  19. Beauty comes from within

  20. Self love is EVERYTHING!

  21. Take Chances

  22. Do things in your own time, not when society tells you

  23. You are stronger than you think

  24. Always live and lead with love in your heart

I still have so much to learn but am thankful for things I have already experienced and the lessons they have taught me!