2019 Goals


Happy New Year everyone!!! 2019 is here!! Like every year I wanted to come and share with you guys my 2019 goals. This year I really thought about what I wanted my goals to be and also based most of my goals off of my theme for the year which is consistency and freedom. I want to be consistent in all aspects of my life and have freedom to discover new things.

Goals for 2019

Consistently Post on my Blog - Really push myself when it comes to blogging and take my blog to new heights and that means not neglecting it when I get busy with school.

Consistently Post on my YouTube Channel - YouTube and my blog go hand and hand. So I want to try to commit to uploading a video once a week.

Healthier Lifestyle - I have already made a lot of lifestyle changes but I still have some things I want to get on track with. That includes more vegetables and getting my sleep pattern back on track. My sleep schedule has been off for months.

Get a Job that I love - Rather that’s blogging, being a YouTuber, or being a landscape architect, I just want to find a job I love.

Save, Save , Save - I have big plans this year, for one getting my own place, so that means I need to save as much as possible.

Looking Forward To

Graduating - After this spring semester I will be graduating college with my bachelors in landscape architecture!!

Moving into my own place - I have never lived myself and am look forward to it.

Traveling - I am planning on doing a lot of traveling this summer.

Starting a new chapter - Closing the college chapter of my life and moving onto new things!