2018 Goals

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Happy New Year Everyone!!! Since it's a new year I thought I would share my 2018 goals. I don't have as many goals as last year. This year I just wanted to pick my top goals and focus really hard on those than having a whole list of goals that I probably won't be able to accomplish all of them. 

Stay Consistent - This was one of my goals for last year and I didn't accomplish this goals so it has made it at the top of my 2018 goals. By staying consistent I mean consistently posting blog post, social media post, working out, drink water. Everything I would like to be consistent at and make it a routine. 

Start my YouTube Channel - So I already have a blog but I want to see how I like making video content. This is something I am excited about because sometimes you have ideas for content but you think it would be better as video content rather than  written content. Plus this is a way for me to step out of my comfort zone. 

Healthier Lifestyle  - I would like to be the best version of myself this year and to do that I need to have a healthier lifestyle so that means eating my fruits and veggies, drinking water, working out, getting enough sleep, etc. If I do all of those things than it will help me be the best version of myself. 

Be more adventurous and social  - Being more adventurous and getting out of my shell is something I struggle with. This year I would like to make new friends, try and learn new things and get out of my usual routine.

Budget better   - This was a goals of mines last year and I did do better at budgeting and spending especially when it comes to clothing but this goal made it on my 2018 list because I think I can do better at budgeting. I would like to save up enough money this year to buy a house next year so I would like to be a bit more strict on what I spend money on. 

Give everything 110% - My last and final goal for this year is to just give everything that I am doing 110%. This applies to school, blogging, YouTube, working out, and anything else. I want to give everything my all. This is something that I did this past semester in school and I have to say I liked the results I got. 

So that’s  all of my goals for 2018! I hope that everyone has a great year and accomplishes every goal they set.

What are your 2018 Goals ?