2017 Reflection

2017-01-22 12.21.50 2.jpg

Man where did this year go! I feel like it was just January and I was celebrating my birthday and now my birthday is coming up again! At the end of the year like most people, I like to reflect on the year. Although this year was rough for so many reasons I have to say it was a good year for me. The year started out on a rocky start but I have to say that I feel like I have grown so much since this time last year. I have learn how to deal with stress better which was one of my biggest goals I wanted to accomplish. I let go of the job that was about to make me have a nervous breakdown. I realigned my focus back on college and it showed in my grades! This year I realized exactly what I want for my life and how I want to achieve that. Sometimes when your in college and your are close to graduating you get a sense of what comes next and that is something that I thought long and hard about this year. And I have to say I have a pretty good picture of where I would like to see myself in the next 5 years and even in the next 2 years, and that’s exciting. Looking at the goals that I set for myself this year I think that I did really well on my personal goals but could have done a lot better on my blog goals. Let’s review.

Blog Goals

Stay Consistent - With school this is the hardest thing for me. I wish I would have done better with this but that ok it’s at the top of my goals for 2018.

Keep up with Social Media / Increase following  - I think this is something I actually did good at. This year I learned a lot about social media specifically Instagram, so I can’t wait to use what I learned this year to grow my following next year.

Try new post and revamp old series - I feel like I could have gotten out of my comfort zone more.

Promote and Network - I did promote my blog a lot more but as far as the networking I would really like to get better at this. I am a homebody so being social is not my cup of tea but I would like to be more social in the new year.


Personal Goals

Take more pictures - Totally did that!

Deal with stress better/ Be more mindful- Mastered!

Learn new things / Be more creative - Creative Juices are always flowing now!

Get better at budgeting - I have gotten a lot better about how I spend my money especially when it come to clothing but could be more strict.

Read more - Still need to work on!

Read my bible more-  Still need to work on!

Work harder in school- I worked my butt off this past semester.

Grow out my hair - My hair is healthier but I would like it to be longer.

Yeah so overall I think I did a good job on my goals for 2017. I am very excited for next year! 2018 is the year of hustle for me. I am going to be twice as hard on myself and give everything I am doing 110%. That includes my blog, my school work, my lifestyle, social media, and a little something else I am thinking about doing (I will be announcing this when I decide). 

How was 2017 for you?