2017 Goals


It’s that time of year again. You know, the time where everyone sets new and exciting goals that they’re most likely to forget by January 15th and although this is what normally happens I am making a conscious effort this year to set my goals and accomplish them. This is the year of new beginnings which why this blog looks a little different, OK let me stop kidding it looks a lot different. I just really wanted a new look for the new year. So anyways here are my 2017 Goals. Caution: there are a lot but I am gonna get them done!

Blog Goals

Stay Consistent - So if you noticed I really got in the groove of blogging and I had a good blogging schedule but then my fall semester of school started and everything was thrown off. I was really busy with school and work, so trying to blog was not easy. On top of all of that I had a little writer's block. So this year I want to post consistently throughout the entire year.

Keep up with Social Media / Increase following  - Just like I didn’t have time to write post I didn’t have time to put up social media post. I want to really get better at this and post year round not just in the spring and summer. (my favorite seasons :)

Try New Post and revamp old series - At the end of last year started dabbling in outfit post of me and finally started showing my face more ! I really enjoyed doing those post so I plan on doing more of those post this year. Also I am gonna revamp some of my series that I do monthly or weekly.

Promote and Network - This year I really want to get out there and network with brands, and other bloggers and really start building a community. I also want to promote my blog more. Having blog is a big responsibility that I should show off more!

Personal Goals

Take more pictures - Photography is something I really enjoy. In 2016 I felt like I really didn’t get to use my camera much. So plan on arrange more time to do that. Plus take pictures is really relaxing which will help me with stress. Which brings me to my next goal.

Deal with stress better / Be more mindful - I am always feeling like I am dealing with stress well but then I see that I am indeed stressed out by my face breaking out and my hair shedding more than usual. So this is something I really need to get under control. Also just being more mindful is a great way to control stress and relieve it and this is something I use to do but stopped.

Learn new things / Be more creative - So in 2016 I had a few things I wanted to learn but never got around to doing. So it’s a part of my goals for this year. I would like to learn how to knit, to hand letter, to cook new things and learn french. I would like to also draw and paint more to get my creative juices flowing.  

Get better at budgeting - This was another goal from 2016. I would like to build a savings and better budget my money because I really would like to get a place of my own this year or next year.

Read More - This is just something I don’t take the time out for and reading can be a big stress reliever. So I definitely need to incorporate this into my routine.

Volunteer/ Donate - I feel as though now more than ever is the best time to volunteer and donate to causes that are important to me. Giving and spreading kindness is so great and you really feel good doing it.

Read my bible more - I made this a goal last year and I started out good and slowly I just stopped. I am gonna get back to this.

Work harder in school - This past semester of school I felt like I just got by and didn't put in all the effort I could have. For the spring semester I want to work harder and try to get all A’s.

Grow out my hair - In 2013 I really damaged my hair with heat, my hair was really bad. It took about a year and a half to get my hair back to the health and length it use to be. So now  I want to grow it out even more. This is something I will be doing monthly post on so watch out for those.

Launch and Grow my new business - Yup that’s right I have a new business that I will be launching this month! (hopefully before my birthday on the 19th). This is something I wanted to do last year but was to afraid to do, but not this year. I will be making and announcement on this really soon.

So that’s about it, all of my goals for 2017! I hope that everyone has a successful year and really accomplish every goal they set.