2016 Goals

I am really looking forward to 2016. It’s always like the New Year,because  it’s like a nice fresh start. Here are some of my 2016 goals


  • Get better at Time Management
  • Get in better shape
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Be more Social - I am such a Homebody.
  • Grow out my Hair 
  • Try new recipes - I would like to cook more of a variety. 
  • Have better posture - My posture is so bad!!!
  • Start back reading my bible
  • Be more fashionable - I think I dress pretty well but I want to start wearing things that are out of my comfort zone.

New Skill I want to learn:

  • Sewing - I have had a sewing machine for about 7 years now, and still don't know how to use it!
  • Watercolor painting
  • Jewelry Making - I would love to make my own jewelry. 

I would like to get to better at:

  • Drawing- I use to draw everyday, but now I don't :(
  • Blogging - Always room to grow. 
  • Photography

Blogging Goals:

  • Post more frequently
  • Start Giveaways - OMG! Can't wait!
  • Post quality content over quantity
  • Be more active on social media

Place I want to visit:

  • Hawaii - I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii.
  • Las Vegas
  • Malibu
  • Miami
  • Grand Canyon
  • Bahamas
  • Iceland
Image: Wonderlass