2015 Reflection


2015 has been an awesome year and it has went by so fast. This year was all about self discovery for me.

This year I built up the courage to finally start a blog, which I am really proud about. I start embracing my natural hair which was a struggle since I am use to my hair being straight. I fully enjoyed my summer, literally every weekend I had something to do.

The most memorable moments were:

  • My aunts wedding
  • My  incredible adventurous summer
  • Starting my blog

What I learned:

  • You shouldn’t really care what other people think, once you start living your life for you and no one else that is when you really start to enjoy it. And this year I finally started doing that.
  • How to deal with stress better
  • How to enjoy the little things

Overall it was a great year and I am excited to see what 2016 has to offer.