15 Blogger Resolution Ideas for 2019


Here are some resolution ideas for all the bloggers out there!!

  1. Make a post routine - Come up with an actual routine for your posts this year.

  2. Make a content calendar - Make your content calendar in advance so you know what you need to do.

  3. Have a planning day or two once a month - Have a day or two dedicated to planning each month.

  4. Create batch content - Create a bunch of content at once to help with your time management.

  5. Be consistent - Consistently post on your blog and Instagram.

  6. Promote every post - Promote all post across all social media platforms after publishing.

  7. Have a planned shooting day - Make a day you dedicate to shooting for Instagram and your blog.

  8. Look for new locations for pictures - Get unique with your locations for pictures this year.

  9. Create batch Instagram content - Take Instagram pictures a head of time and save them up.

  10. Take advantage of scheduling things out - Schedule blog out post, Instagram post, everything!

  11. Don’t compare - Don’t compare yourself or your blog to others. You are unique!

  12. Show more of your personality - Show more of yourself, your likes and dislikes!!

  13. Learn how to take better pictures - You can always be better !

  14. Quality and Quantity Content - Try to conquer quality and quantity content. Its hard but push yourself.

  15. Post about things that are important to you - Post about things that are interesting to you!