Spring Accessories Edit

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Festival Picks

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Festival season is here! One thing I love about this season is the fashion, you get to wear things that you normally wouldn't wear. You get to have fun and listen to amazing music while looking like a bohemian goddess. 

Spring Trends I'm Obsessed With


Blazers can make any outfit look so much more put together. I am always down for a good blazer and it seems like this spring blazers are all the rave. I personally love pairing a blazer with my favorite jeans and a graphic tee. 

Athleisure wear has been a trend for a while now but this spring the sportswear trend is on a whole other level. I love the matching pair track suits and wind breakers. This is something I will definitely be sporting this spring:) (see what I did there “sporting this spring”)

I personally feel like polka dots never really go out of style but lately I have been seeing a lot more polka dots showing up. My favorite I have seen so far is the black tops with white polka dots that are cropped or tied up. Those are so cute!

I am not much of a color in the wardrobe kind of girl, I literally might experiment with color every once in a while but not often. Which is why I was so surprised that I liked the lavender color trend. I don’t know it’s something about the tone that make me wanna rock this trend. I really would like a cut bag in this color!

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Ok Ok, so this is a trend that when I first saw I was like, really is this what we’re  doing now, are we’re intentionally wearing dad sneakers! But the more I saw people rocking it I was like this trend is not that bad and now I love it. Personally I don’t know if I could rock them but I would be willing to give it a shot. 

My number 1 favorite spring trend is the vintage sunnies. Anyone who knows me knows that I love my sunglasses and this vintage, small framed, retro sunglasses trend is right up my alley. I mean come on it just looks so chic!!!

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I have noticed that there are not a lot of maxi skirts and dresses this spring. It all about the short hems which is just fine for me because I have long skinny legs that need to be shown off, so that’s a win for me. 

Will you be wearing any of these trends?

Managing Time


With my busy schedule it is very important for me to manage my time and take advantage of the any spare time that I have. Being a blogger, college student and now YouTuber can be hard and sometimes seems impossible to do; not to mention overwhelming. So managing my time is the ultimate trick to getting all that I need to do done! 

Plan - When it comes to planning I plan a lot. In the beginning of the month I will plan out generally how the month will go. And on Sundays I plan out the week in more detail so I know what it is I need to accomplish throughout the week. Planning is the key to making sure you don't forget to do something, for me if it is not planned out it will not get done. 

Schedule Time Blocking  - Depending on what I need to accomplish, I will block out time to get it done. I do this for writing blog post or taking pictures for the blog. I will usually just say from this time to that time I will only focus on this and nothing else. 

Prioritize - When I have a whole list of things to do I try to prioritize. It's impossible sometimes to get everything on my list done , so making sure I do the most important things first is really helpful.  

Smaller Tasks - Come up with smaller tasks in you over all big task. For an example if you have to create content for your blog maybe just work on graphics first then move on to writing and editing. I find that compartmentalizing tasks help me get things done fast without feeling overwhelmed. 

No Mulitasking - When managing time the worst thing you can do is try to multitask. Multitasking is so counter productive. Always focus on one thing until you are finish and then move on to the next task.  

Cut Out Distractions - If you are in an environment where you really can't focus or you are distracted by your phone,etc. Try to eliminate those distractions. This will help you get things done quicker, leaving more time for other tasks. 

Say No - As much as you want to do everything and not pass up opportunities sometimes you just have to say no to things. When I really want to just go out to the movies with my friends I have to say no and work on the stuff I need to get done. 

April Mood Board | 2018

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Hey guys, I am fresh off of spring break and feel more refreshed and ready to finish my last month and a half of school before summer break! 

April Goals

Register for my classes for senior year!

Find Internship - Still Looking

Spring Clothes Additions  - Still haven't been spring clothes shopping because it's not really feeling like spring in DC just yet. 

Get back on blog and YouTube schedule - have a lot of content I am excited to share. 


Interior Inspiration | Boho Living

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Get The Look

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Weekend To Do List for a Productive Week


All though I would love to just chill out during the weekends and do whatever I want, I can't because for me and a lot of people the weekend is used to get you ready for the week ahead. As a full time student (that commutes), a blogger, and now YouTuber, time is very precious to me and if there are things that I can do on the weekend to make my weekdays do smoother I am all for it! 

Check All Emails - Any emails that I receive during the week rather it's blogger related or personal I usually will see it on my phone but I won't replay unless it's time sensitive. So on the weekend I really go through my emails and reply to all of them that I have received throughout the week. 

Write your Weekly To Do List - On the weekend I write a weekly to do list for the week ahead. I usually do this on Sundays and I just jot down the major things I need to be reminded of for that week and what I need to do on a particular day. So that will included assignments that are due, blog post I need to write, pictures I need to take, videos I need to shoot, etc. If a task doesn't make it on my list IT WILL NOT GET DONE. I am already super busy, so I will not remember if I need to do something from just the top of my head. IT WILL NOT WORK.   

Schedule Social Media - I try to schedule out my social media for the week during the weekend. If I don't know exactly what I am posting I will have some idea of what I would like to post. Also during the weekend I might take pictures for Instagram. Yes, some post are unplanned and more spontaneous which is awesome but majority of the time I just need to schedule it out.  

Schedule Blog Post -  I another thing that I have to schedule out is my blog post and for the blog post it more of a monthly thing. At the beginning of each month I already know what content I will be posting. Unless something just hits me and I really just need to post about it. The fact that I already know what I am posting at the begin of the month most of my post are already in production so on the weekend I will just add my final touches on the post and schedule it for the week ahead. 

Meal Prep/ Planning - For me as a college student I can't afford to eat out everyday for lunch and plus it's just unhealthy. On the weekend, mostly on Sunday I will plan out meals for the week. This not only includes lunch but also dinner. On some days I have classes all day and when I get back home it's late and I just don't feel like cooking so it's nice to just be able to pop my meal in the microwave and eat. If you have never tried meal prep/planning and you are a busy person, you should IT IS A LIFE SAVER. For this semester I have really early classes at 9am which means I need to be up and out the door by like 7:30am because of the horrible DC traffic. So I have been thinking about doing breakfast meal prep/planning or trying to thinking about quick and easy breakfast ideas.   

Clean Your Workspace - Having a clean workspace or just a clean space in general can give you the energy you need to get through the week. When my space is clear I am more motivated and just have a better outlook compared to when my space is cluttered and non-organized. 

Plan Out Your Outfits - This is something that I do on the weekends and literally saves me about 30 minutes in the morning. It's not that I don't have things to wear but sometimes in the morning you will looking it in your closet and there can be a closet full of clothes and you are just like I don't know what to wear today and by the time you figure it out you are running late!  I try to plan out my outfits or just have since what I would like to wear. This is a little hard to do when you are at a time of year where the seasons are trying to change like now. Some days its 70 degrees and the next day it's 30 degrees. What I do is look at the weather for the week most of the time is it pretty accurate unless there is a random rain shower or something and just plan accordingly.  

Homework and Readings - If you are in school like me, the best thing you can do for yourself is do your homework and reading ahead of time if you can. At the beginning of the semester for each class you get a syllabus that outlines the homework and readings that need to get done. Don't wait until the night before to do these things that you could have been done. On the weekends ( Mostly Saturdays) I do all of my readings and homework for the next week and sometimes for the next two weeks. I use to wait the night before and that did not work well; I would be up really late trying to read and do the homework or forget to do it. I am telling you this will save you so much time!

What are some things you do on the weekend to get you ready for the week? 

March Mood Board | 2018

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I am so excited that March is here! That means Spring is near!!!! I am so sick of this cold and brutal winter weather. This month is pretty busy for me. I have midterms coming up already, I still need to find an internship for the summer, plus I have a lot of content that I want to make but need to find the time to do so. This month I also want to make a few changes to my blog and revamp some things. I would like to change the type of content but will continue to do lifestyle tips. I want to do more style, college, and natural hair content. So look out for that. I will get a lot of my content done during spring break because when I come back from spring break I will be really busy wrapping up my junior year of college!

March Goals

Get Through Midterms  - I have three major test and a project!

Find Internship - Top on my to do list!

Revamp Blog - I like changing up how my blog looks. 

Make New Content For Blog and YouTube Channel (During Spring Break) - I will be really busy this whole week but it will pay off in the end. 

Book Any Summer Trips - I need to start thinking about what I would like to do this summer and book it! The reality is that it's right around the corner. Plus this is my last summer before I graduate. :(

Spring Clothes Additions  - I want to do a little spring clothes shopping!